Why are more and more people choosing fresh air systems?

The fresh air system is designed and developed according to the principle that one side of a closed room provides air and the other side provides air and forms a "new air field" in the room. It is a kind of indoor air can always keep clean and fresh new environmental protection electrical appliances.

Mainly relying on the formation of mechanical air supply, wind power and power system hollow airflow field, this independent indoor air replacement and purification cycle system can well eliminate indoor air pollution, while the input of natural fresh air will enter the indoor air filtration, sterilization, heating, oxygen treatment.

System behavior appearance size, overall fell by about 20%, save the installation location, but that doesn't affect its thermal efficiency, more stable performance, in the long-term continuous operation, can maintain the stability of several indexes such as thermal efficiency, this would be a more comprehensive model of the new trend, air volume of 100 m3 / h - 100000 m3 / h, fully meet the needs of different users.

It is also convenient in terms of maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning of the filter, while the energy recovery module requires no professional cleaning, making maintenance more convenient.

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