Fresh air unit: eight advantages of fresh air system

1. Fresh air duct system

The duct fresh air system consists of a new fan and duct fittings. After the new fan purifies the outdoor air, it is introduced into the room, and the dirty air is discharged through the exhaust pipe. Pipeline fresh air system on the market is mostly two-way fresh air system, that is, forced air intake and forced air exhaust.


1. Centralized ventilation and controlled air volume (definition: air flow per unit time). A fresh air unit is an air conditioning unit that provides fresh air. The working principle is that the fresh air extracted from the outside is sent into the room by the fan after the treatment of dust removal, dehumidification (or humidification), cooling (or heating) and so on, and the original indoor air is replaced when entering the room.

2. The air inlet can be arranged in each room for more significant ventilation and purification effect.

3. Life with limited plumbing. Air conditioning units and fresh air units are commonly used and fan boxes are installed. Although there are differences between fresh air units and air conditioners, they can complement each other in function. It is suggested to install fresh air units at the same time, and then install fan coil units in each room separately, so as to learn from each other and achieve the goal of more energy saving and more comfortable.

4. It is necessary to drill holes in the load-bearing wall during installation, which requires a large amount of work.

5. More suitable for industrial or large office space.

No pipeline fresh air system

The tubular fresh air system consists of a new fan and a fan. The new fan purifies the outdoor air into the room, and the polluted air is discharged by the fan.


1. No pipe laying, easy installation.

2. Pipeline life is not involved.

3. There is a requirement for air inlet, the room is not clean and not well ventilated.

4. Small workload, suitable for home installation.

So what are the benefits of installing a fresh air system?

Pros: The room is warm and fresh in winter

In winter, Windows are usually closed, no matter in the north or the south, most partners close the Windows for a long time, indoor air does not flow, dust is easy to accumulate, the air is not good, but there are fresh air units fresh air system, can solve this problem to ensure the indoor warmth, the air is good.

Bonus 2: Fresh air

Fresh air unit fresh air system can continuously provide fresh air to the room, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day continuously provide fresh air to the room, once put into use, four seasons.

Effect 3: Remove dirty air

The smell of cooking oil often remains in the room, and the newly decorated furniture will emit harmful substances. However, smoking in the home makes the family become the "victim". With a fresh air system, you don't have to worry about the impact of harmful gases on the health of the family.

Benefit 4: Increase furniture service life

Be in moist area, especially south, furniture appears mildew changes a phenomenon easily, installed system of new wind can discharge indoor and moist dirty air, eliminate peculiar smell, prevent mildew to change and breed bacterium, conduce to prolong the service life of furniture.

Benefit 5: Reduce noise annoyance

Modern people live under great pressure and sleep badly, so they want to have a quiet night. However, the sound of cars on the road outside the window makes it difficult for some people to sleep. If the Windows are closed, the air in the room will be bad.

Efficacy 6: Dustproof

Modern city construction, dust, two days do not wipe the table there is dust, do not use the "body" as a filter. Equipped with a fresh air system, it can prevent dust, can avoid opening the window to bring a lot of dust, effectively filter the outdoor air, ensure that the air into the room is clean.

Pros 7: Energy consumption is incredibly low

Some people will ask, fresh air units like air conditioning, a lot of power consumption? Not true. Compared with fresh air units, air conditioning units are more complicated in air handling. Therefore, air conditioning units are mostly used in large public areas where fAN-coil units cannot be installed, while fresh air units are mostly used in small areas where fan-coil units can be installed. A fresh air system operates year-round and USES less electricity than a refrigerator. It can exchange all hot fresh air, recover the energy in outdoor air, greatly reduce the loss of indoor cold source and heat source in summer or winter, and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.

Benefit 8: Safe and convenient

After the installation of fresh air, there is no need to open Windows for ventilation, so as to avoid damage to property and personal safety caused by opening Windows. Even if there is no one at home, you can breathe fresh air automatically.

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