Difference comparison between fresh air system and traditional ventilation equipment

Air conditioners, ventilators and air purifiers have the ability to change the indoor air. Air conditioning unit and fresh air unit are commonly used and installed with fan box. Although there are differences between fresh air unit and air conditioner, they can complement each other in function. It is suggested that fresh air units should be installed at the same time, and then fan coil units should be installed in each room to learn from each other to achieve the purpose of more energy saving and comfort. But why are we now recommending new air systems to the market? Many people think that's the same attitude. Why should we use the new wind system? Today, Xiaobian consulted Mr. Zhang, who is in charge of selling new fans. He explained the impact of the fresh air system on small editors and compared it to air conditioning, fans, and air purifiers. Now let's take a closer look at the answer to this question.

In order to solve this problem, Mr. Zhang, the new fan manager, cited two newly decorated houses as examples, one with a new air system and the other with ordinary air conditioning equipment, such as air conditioning. The air pollution in the newly decorated rooms has obviously exceeded the standard. Before switching on the new air system, we can take a sample of the air in the room and turn on the new air system. After half an hour, we can take air samples again and conduct numerical tests on two air samples.

The difference between new air system and air conditioner. There are many air conditioners with fresh air function on the market. It can be seen that the market prospect of fresh air system is very broad. Then we can see why we don't recommend buying air conditioners with fresh air, but we recommend buying whole fresh air systems.

After investigating the fresh air conditioning market, the new wind turbine manager found that the price of such an air conditioner is less than 4000, but it can only give one room fresh air. If other rooms are also affected by new wind, the corresponding fresh air will be installed, which is the cost of the family. In order to ensure the indoor air quality, the fresh air unit is equipped with indoor space centralized fresh air system, and the main unit supply air and process fresh air are called fresh air unit. This is the sum of the numbers. However, the use of new air system, regardless of installation cost or operation cost, can take into account the ventilation of each room, to bring a better environment for life.

New air system and fan difference. Compared with fresh air unit, air conditioning unit is more complex in air handling. Therefore, air conditioning units are mostly used in large public areas where fan coil units cannot be installed, while fresh air units are mostly used in small areas where fan coil units can not be installed. Fan is a traditional ventilation tool with large air exchange rate. But it can only be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room, so it is not beautiful. In addition, the fan does not do any treatment in the outdoor air, which can not guarantee the air quality and can not turn on the air for 24 hours. In addition, the ventilator itself is noisy, so it can not block the noise outside, nor can it prevent rats from entering the room.

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