Main features of fresh air system

The guest room is one of the main parts of the hotel and is the place where the guests stay. However, due to environmental sealing, poor air mobility, decoration pollution and other reasons, air quality is often unsatisfactory. In the past, the guest room was transformed from the toilet ventilator, which changed the local ventilation of the toilet without considering the ventilation of the whole room.

Exhaust fan can only exhaust air, can not flow, can not achieve indoor and outdoor air circulation; exhaust fan noise, affect other guests, not convenient for continuous use. The exhaust fan has high energy consumption and high operation cost. Air conditioning unit is a kind of air conditioning equipment which provides fresh air. In terms of function, it can realize constant temperature and humidity, and provide fresh air simply according to the requirements of the environment. Dust removal, dehumidification (or humidification), cooling (or heating) and other functions can be determined according to the needs of the environment. The more perfect the function, the higher the cost.

The exhaust fan has a long service life and high maintenance cost. The load of the fan box type air conditioning unit is the heat and humidity load of the air conditioning area, which plays a comprehensive role in the air conditioning area and ensures a certain amount of fresh air. The air conditioning unit usually controls the temperature, humidity and air quality of the air conditioning area, and the air treatment process is generally more complicated. At present, the exhaust technology of some star hotel rooms has been upgraded, and the fresh air system has been adopted to improve the air quality of the whole suite.

Fresh air system has wind and wind, fresh air can enter every corner of the room. The key point of relative humidity control of fresh air exchanger is the setting position of humidity sensor or the selection of control parameters, which is related to humidity source and control mode. The fan of fresh air system adopts external rotor straight chain centrifugal fan (structure: shell, main shaft and impeller), with low noise, less than 30 dB, and guests can enjoy quiet sleep; the wind function of fresh air system is very small, and the power of 24 hours is less than 1 degree. The service life of fresh air system is long, and it can run continuously for more than 10 years. The fresh air system has good filtration products, namely filter pad and filter element.

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